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What is required to travel to the DR?

If you wish to reside longer than one month and obtain legal status in the country, the first step is to obtain a RESIDENCY VISA stamped in your passport. This visa is valid for TWO months to enter the country. Soon after that process is done, you will need to start with the second process of a regular PROVISIONAL RESIDENCY or special PERMANENT RESIDENCY. The Residency Visa is only valid to enter the Country. Apply for Provisional Residency is mandatory together with the RESIDENCY VISA (RS).

What do I need to become legal in the DR?

If you are considering relocating to the Dominican Republic, our team at ResidencyDR.COM warmly welcomes you to understand the legal aspect of all immigration matters related to moving to the DR. We will be happy to assist you and guide you step by step. Please find the different types of Visas needed to enter the Dominican Republic legally. We are certain this information will be valuable to you as you get to know the immigration process prior to coming to the DR.

What documents are required by Immigration?

In 2007 a formal law was created incorporating a new incentive for Investors. This law stipulate that once you already have the RESIDENCY VISA and have arrived already to DR, you can apply directly to PERMANENT RESIDENCY. Please make sure you meet and have written proof of one of these categories:

What is an Apostille?


What is Fast Track Permanent Residency?