This type of residency is designed for those who wish to reside in the country for a period of up to one year or permanently renewing every year. After obtaining residency, the foreign national has the option of renewing provisional residency on a yearly basis until the fourth year.  On the fourth year the foreign national can then apply for permanent residency.  PRIOR  THIS RESIDENCY YOU NEED TO OBTAIN A RESIDENCY VISA (RS).

After arriving in the country with your RESIDENCY VISA, please contact us as soon as possible to start this process of PROVISIONAL RESIDENCY.  We will do everything for you. No more worries, peace of mind!


The FIRST STEP is the deposit of the residency application and all supporting documentation such as copies of current passport, certified or official copies of your birth certificate (you will not get this back, so it is a good idea to keep some extra sets before hand) and a police letter of good conduct from your local police department.   In addition to the above, an Interpol background check is completed by the national police and often enough, this is the most time consuming process of all.  However, assuming you are not someone wanted by Interpol, you will not have a problem and this background check not a concern.

THE SECOND STEP will be having a medical exam that MUST be taken inside the country with the medical doctor at the Department of Immigration.  In addition, a urine sample, a blood sample and chest x-ray is taken.  What they are looking for is Aids, illegal drug usage and tuberculosis.

Once the residency application file is deposited, it has been the case that immigration has processed such applications fairly quickly and as such you can expect to obtain your initial provisional residency card (initially valid for one year) and your initial Cedula card (also valid for one year) within 60 to 90 days.  With such documents in hand, you can legally live and work inside the country and have all the rights of a citizen with the exception of voting privileges (only citizens can vote in local elections).  Under the recent legislation applicants would continue to renew and hold PROVISIONAL residency status for 5 years.  Once the 5 years have passed, then at that time the applicant can change their status over to PERMANENT RESIDENCY.


  1. RESIDENCY VISA from the Dominican Consulate or Embassy in the country. Please contact us for further details.
  2. A passport valid for at least a year from the time you begin the residency process
  3. If applying as a couple, marriage certificate authenticated with an apostille or notarized
  4. Original birth certificate or certified copy of birth certificate authenticated with an apostille or notarized
  5. Certificate of good conduct FBI from your country authenticated with an apostille or notarized
  6. Medical test
  7. Photos
  8. Affidavit by two residents of the Dominican Republic regarding the moral standing and good behavior of the applicant.
  9. Notarized letter of guarantee from a Dominican person or corporation or a permanent resident. (We can provide a Guarantor, see price list for cost)
  10. Proof of solvency of the guarantor
  11. Application form
  12. Translation to Spanish and legalization of all documents


LEGAL FEES:  US 700.00.00


TOTAL PRICE:  US 1,500.00

(See Needgreater TAB discounted price list for Non-profit organizations)


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