Application For Naturalized Citizenship In The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Naturalized CitizenshipThe application for naturalization (to become a naturalize citizen) is prepared and deposited ONLY after an applicant has completed the required Permanent Residency period.  Some clients that come from countries that prohibit dual citizenship (Holland and Germany are two examples) may elect to stay with Permanent Residency status and not move forward with naturalization, although most countries recognize and accept dual citizenship, including both the United States, and the Dominican Republic.

The entire Naturalization Process can take up to 10 months to complete.  All told, there is not much for the applicant to do, other than to find a very competent attorney to assist with the file preparation and related certifications that must be obtained.  In other words, quite a bit of paperwork goes into the application, and of course the file is passed through a number of government offices and channels.  Since the President of the Dominican Republic grants Naturalized Citizenship via Presidential Decree, part of the process involves the applicant’s file passing through the President’s office as one of the final phases.

What does the applicant need to do?  Well, there is one requirement that the applicant make himself or herself available for a brief interview.  Basically this would happen about 30 to 60 days from when the file was deposited, but all depending on fast things move along, it could be sooner than that.  In any event,the applicant would be asked to demonstrate knowledge of the country and some basic historical facts (name the major cities and airports,name the founding fathers, name the date when the constitution was signed, etc.).  Once the interview has been successfully completed, the only other visit requirement is for the swearing in ceremony, usually officiated by the Chief of the National Police or the Vice-President (whom ever is available).  This ceremony is held once a month with all the other new citizens gathered together as a group, immediately following the date the applicant’s naturalization is signed by the President.  In fact, technically speaking, you would be a citizen once the President makes you one via decree, but this last formality still exists and you are required to be present for it. However, after attending the ceremony, your naturalization documents are completed and certified, allowing for you to apply for a passport (which takes approximately three business days), and apply for your new Cedula Card as a citizen.

In order to qualify for citizenship the foreign national must meet one of the following qualifications or categories:

Permanent Resident

Resident for two consecutive years and 6 month prior due date on Residency Card. SPEAK/READ Spanish. Once the five-year time frame for the provisional residency has passed, the above process is repeated once again exactly as explained, with the purpose of renewing and actually changing your status to Permanent Residency.  So, it is the case that you would visit immigration once again, take the medical exams indicated once again, etc.  However, the good news is that this Permanent Residency card from immigration is valid for two years and the second Cedula card for two years as well.  Once the applicant has completed two years of Permanent Residency, then at that time they can apply for Naturalized Citizenship. 

Married to a Dominican Citizen

The applicant must have residency status for six months prior to applying for citizenship.

Child of Dominican Citizens

We will need the parent’s Dominican birth certificate.

Things We Need From You

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Dominican parent’s Birth Certificate (if category 2 or 3)
  3. Birth Certificate with Apostille
  4. Permanent Residency Card ID
  5. Dominican Cedula
  6. Relax. All else will be handled by us…

When the process is finished you will obtain your Passport.  Please ask us about the benefit and the legal effects of obtaining a Dominican Passport in detail.


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